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     Documenting performance issues with employees is critical in the event that you have to let an employee go.  All of a sudden, everything you have said and done with respect to that employee is put under a microscope.  And if you can't show that you informed the employee of the performance issue and gave him/her a chance to fix it, your company is more likely to be subject to an unemployment claim, a potential EEOC charge, or a wrongful termination lawsuit.

      With Capture, you can easily document performance issues with employees. Simply select the appropriate report type, make a quick note about the context of your conversation, and save it.  Voila! The report will be date- and time-stamped, providing you with a paper trail of the steps you took to try to help the employee succeed. No more trying to rack your brain (or your managers' brains) about when a conversation was had, how many conversations were had, or what exactly was said.

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