Capture Terms & Conditions

By acknowledging this agreement, Customer Representative (“Customer”) has purchased the Capture Solutions product (“Vendor Solution”).  Customer agrees to the terms set forth in these Terms & Conditions ("Contract") and to only use Vendor Solution for purposes directly related to the operations of Customer’s organization.  At no time may Customer share access with other entities outside of Customer’s organization or attempt to resell or license access of Vendor Solution to any other entity without the approval of Capture Solutions, LLC (“Vendor”).  The term of Contract between Customer and Vendor shall be perpetual until cancelled by either Vendor or Customer.  Vendor reserves the right to terminate Contract at any time with no prior notice to Customer.  If not terminated by either party, Contract will automatically renew monthly from the date of purchase.  Customer authorizes Vendor to charge Customer credit card account the monthly amount each month, until Customer account has been cancelled by Customer or Vendor.  If Customer wishes to cancel Contract with Vendor, Customer will be required to provide Vendor with written notice prior to Contract termination.  Vendor retains no liability for any software malfunction which may result in any direct or indirect hardship on Customer’s organization.  Customer assumes all responsibility for any matters resulting from or relating to the use of Vendor Solution within their organization.  Vendor reserves the right to access, monitor, restrict, obtain, and utilize any and all information gathered within the Vendor Solution and its data servers.  Customer owns all rights to data gathered and stored by Vendor Solution relevant to Customer.  At any time prior to Contract termination, Customer can request all Customer data be removed from Vendor Solution.  All billed costs are non-refundable.