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       There are so many safety-related issues that companies need to document on a routine basis - from JSA's to equipment inspections to toolbox talks to proof that a machine or piece of equipment was properly locked out.  Capture makes documenting all of these issues a breeze!

        What better way to prove that you followed OSHA regulations or your own company protocols than by having a picture showing you did exactly that?  Capture lets you easily take photographs or videos to show such things as: employees wearing fall protection, equipment inspections having been completed, employees using proper lockout/tagout procedures, confirmation of a repair to a defective piece of equipment, proper trenching procedures, etc. . . . the list is nearly endless!

         Capture can also be a useful tool in documenting accidents and injuries.  The ability to easily switch between photographs, videos, audio files, and text files allows companies to thoroughly document any accident or injury that might occur.  And again, everything is date- and time-stamped, which can help show that your company conducted a prompt and thorough investigation.

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